Mini Course: Vaginal Birth Preference

Learn essential Mindful Birth tools and techniques to support your vaginal birth preference

This mini audio course is the perfect way to learn the core basics of Mindful Birth hypnobirthing if a vaginal birth is your preference.

It takes just 60 minutes to listen to and is ideal for any stage of pregnancy as your main birth education course or:

  • If you are in the early stages and would like to educate yourself early on, and learn relaxation techniques to use throughout your pregnancy. It will compliment any face-to-face course taken later in pregnancy too,
  • If you are mid-pregnancy and want to know if the full Mindful Birth support package is for you, but do not want to invest in the higher (but worth it!) price tag. This is a great taster-style course
  • If you are in the later stages of pregnancy, and would like to educate yourself in a shorter time frame. It is never too late to learn!

The audio course includes:

  • 1 hour mini audio course
  • 43 page printable course guide
  • Printable positive affirmations for single and multiple pregnancies
  • Relaxation audio album which includes 8 x exclusive audios by Emiliana. Includes support for feelings of nausea and relaxations & audios for unplanned abdominal birth
  • Lots of birth support materials such as birth preferences sheets (inc.unplanned abdominal birth), birth bag checklists for you, partner & baby, hospital door signs, and much more.

Bonus materials from our wonderful partners include:

  • Pregnancy Trimester Guide by The Modern Midwife
  • Baby Feeding Guide by Milk Making Mama
  • Exclusive discounts with some lovely brands such as BBHUGME, Elvie, Birth Bag & more

The course fee includes 1 year access to the course.

I really do hope you enjoy it.

Emiliana x

"The Mindful Birth Group provides knowledgeable, calming, informative and practical techniques to prepare the mind and body for birth. The audio download has been particularly useful for both myself and my husband to access and listen to together. Highly recommend using The Mindful Birth Group to naturally support your pregnancy journey."

- Katie Margetts

"I gave birth to my baby girl last week after using the Mindful Birth Group hypnobirthing course throughout my pregnancy. I can genuinely say it was the best thing I’ve ever done. The guides and audios were amazing and helped me feel super relaxed and confident going into labour. We used all the techniques to promote oxytocin and I used the breathing techniques through out meaning I managed to stay at home the majority of my labour feeling calm and in control. Emiliana was brilliant with any questions I had and I felt really supported and reassured when I spoke to her. My labour experience was amazing and I genuinely put that down to the Mindful Birth Group course. It’s given me the confidence to have a home birth next time and for any expectant mums I honestly could not recommend it more!"

- Sarah Chapman

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Your Instructor (s)

Emiliana Hall
Emiliana Hall

Hello! I’m Emiliana. I created The Mindful Birth Group® because of my love and passion for providing unbiased, inclusive support for parents who take courses with us, and the teachers who train to teach the live courses with us.

I have myself experienced 2 home births (Mollie) & (Theo) and 1 surrogacy abdominal birth(Leo), and I used Mindful Birth tools and techniques for each birth.

You can read more about me here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
You will have access to the course for 1 year from enrolment.
Does the course include relaxation audios and birth preferences docs?
Yes! You will get everything you need to learn how to relax and then use your tools on the day you give birth to your baby

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